Art I love: Joe Myers


[sending my friend a warm thought today with a candle next to the drawing he made for me with the words “For Mia, my beautiful catalyst”]

Today it’s exactly one year since the american horror artist Joe Myers ended his own life, at only 38 years of age. He was my friend, and the father of 3 beautiful little sons. I was very shocked and saddened by the news of his death. We had talked on Facebook earlier that night, he sounded positive and I couldn’t see that there was anything wrong.


[Joe with one of his sons]

Joe was a digital artist – and we had so many talks about how the art world is looking down on digital art and how we could start a revolution to change that. We called it “the digi wave”. Joe was very passionate about his art but felt like an outsider at times. Because of his art that people found so disturbing, and also without it in the times he wasn’t working. His art is dark, spiritual and macabre, with a grotesque view on the world and humanity. They are pure horror tales, often with grinding teeth and splashing blood, but sometimes also with a sense of humor. Joe loved to talk about his inner darkness, he found peace in exploring those sides of himself, he didn’t like to pretend that they didn’t exist. His honesty was very moving but it also made him vulnerable to himself and his loved ones.

His art is such a perfect refection of what he had inside himself. A wonderland of darkness and light.

1239781_10151659548782654_404862776_n 1897682_10152075813262654_4695056940416678219_n

Joe used my face in these two artworks, he used to say that I was his muse. I saved this little conversation we had on Facebook, because his words touched my heart:

“3/25, 4:52pm
Joe Myers

you are more than my little muse or fairy
you are in some ways supernatural to me
yet completely natural and normal and comforting

3/25, 4:54pm
Mia Mäkilä

that is so beautiful
and I love that I represent those things to you.”

I will continue to remember my conversations with Joe as a source of inspiration and passion, and I will go on making ripples on the surface in the art world with the digi wave.

I found this from an art interview he did three years ago:

Joseph Donald Myers was born in Chicago Heights, Illinois during an especially wintry January day in the year of our Lord, 1976. From an absurdly young age he has been fascinated and terrified by the things that only exist in the dark corners of his subconscious.
Until recently, most of these things have been safely locked away. However, following the passing of his beloved mother in July 2008, the demons emerged, as if on cue.
Joseph is married to an amazing woman and has three wonderful boys. They currently live in the small Wisconsin village known as Grafton.
Joseph hopes to someday die and see what all the fuss is about.

[full interview here]

I hope Joe learned what the fuss is about, and that he found some peace in his mind that was overfull by existential questions and so few answers.

I will always love you, Joe.


4 thoughts on “Art I love: Joe Myers

  1. Melissa Finn Myers says:

    That is, and forever will be, one of my favorite photos of Joe. And it happens to be with Ryan. Just like another one that is also one of my favorites. I will share it with you sometime, Mia. I took it shortly after his mother passed. Ryan was just a baby. It breaks my heart.


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