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I feel quiet today. I have a whole world inside me, but nothing wants to come out. My creative flow has been interrupted by the heat outside and the abstract feelings inside. Those feelings that can only be translated by art or poetry – or perhaps a primal scream and hours of love making.

I absolutely loathe summer. I can’t think straight in the heat – and I can’t breathe when it’s too bright. Perhaps I was a vampire in my prior life. I love the feel of the nocturnal hours. The darkness has a presence, but light is destroying every nuance of a thought.

August is  the worst month of the year. The beauty of summer is fading, turning into a decadent and rotten mess and the heat is always oppressive. I can’t wait for September to come and release me from this frustrating season.

I want to paint!

14 thoughts on “Interrupted

  1. stevie says:

    ahhh my dear tell me what is wrong (i said that in my best vampire voice) wait until darkness falls then you will feel right Stevie look to the moon and the stars and the shadows

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    • miamakila79 says:

      yes I feel better already.. it’s dark now and I feel sleepy-horny-happy-inspired-but-with-a-little-spark-of-rage-from-stuff-from-my-past-and-in-the-mood-for-jazz


  2. Todd from Kentucky says:

    Mia, while I can’t help you with the lovemaking, I think this fits the bill . . . in fact, this is perfect. It is a short story from 1910 about an artist and a summer heat that is enough to send a man mad. It is called “August Heat” by W.F. Harvey. This is a link to an audio version (I haven’t listened to it, so it might be poorly read or edited):

    And here is a link to a written version:


  3. stevie says:

    primal screams hours of love making and vampires i want an invite to that party by the way I’m a werewolf but I’m house trained and i will not chew the furniture Stevie howllllllllllll

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  4. stevie says:

    true its best to chew on the furniture you need something to keep in the squeals of pleasure or delight ……….just add your own words as you feel your desires hmmmmmm I’m feeling a bit animal tonight i may go out on the hunt stevie hope nobodies got any silver


  5. miamakila79 says:

    Good luck with the hunting, I hope you’ll find what you’re looking for 🙂

    I have to fall asleep early tonight so I can’t enjoy this night even though I really want to do a lot of things on the dark or with some candles burning, ….going to Stockholm tomorrow to print some digital pieces..

    But now I’m in the mood for chewing on my nightstand….
    Night night!


  6. Todd from Kentucky says:

    “You seem like you read a lot, who’s your favorite writer?” I read a lot of nonfiction . . . mainly US history and the history of science. But as far as fiction goes, I love turn of the century horror/supernatural stories and weird tales. My favorite authors are Algernon Blackwood and Arthur Machen. They both were very connected to nature and pondered beliefs that are very old but mostly forgotten . . . think pagan, but maybe not in a nice way. Being from Sweden, you might enjoy the 1935 short story “The Troll” by T.H. White.–D&sig=2rCjwHUjyivNgyYSyuDt5dd2u98&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0CEsQ6AEwCGoVChMI2KGHqtCfxwIVA1WSCh13agUY#v=onepage&q=T.H.%20White%20%E2%80%9CThe%20Troll%E2%80%9D%20story&f=false

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  7. miamakila79 says:

    thank you dear Todd! I always get inspired by the things you have to show me! I wish I knew how to download the documentaries…

    It’s a long story why I don’t read.. it’s a silly story.. basically that I haven’t felt like I have been “allowed” to read or write for many reasons – people making resistance to me because they want to feel superior.. but I am reclaiming EVERYTHING in my life right now – and I WILL READ AND WRITE!!!!


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