R.I.P my “art mentor”


OK, one last piece of sad news. A week ago I found out that my art teacher from junior high, Richard Pehart, recently passed away. He meant a lot to me, because he was the first teacher who recognized the uniqueness of my creativity and talent. He talked to my parents, making sure I had the support I needed and he invited me to take art classes after school where a group of young people (I was the youngest, 14 years old at the time) practiced figure drawing with a live nude model. He made me feel seen and special – and he helped me define and form my dream of becoming an artist. Our roads would once again cross in high school where he was like an art mentor to me. I am happy to have known this man who taught me the secret behind becoming a successful artist: “art is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration!”.

Rest in peace dear Richard. I miss your Austrian accent and the way you loved throwing my drawings in the bin because you knew I could do better. And I always did, because of you. ❤

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