Taking the good with the bad

In a time when my health has been disastrous, I am at least truly loved. I feel so grateful and lucky.

I’m pushing through the health issues and all the difficult processes, and I’ve found a new focus that keeps me grounded enough to not give in to the bad stuff. I’m getting wonderful guidance to find an extra income so I will be able to invest money in new art projects, I’m still way too broke to make any art shows. But. I’m planning a comeback show here in my hometown, perhaps for late 2017. There are so many good things happening right now but at times it’s hard to see it for all the negative distractions. I’m changing course in my art – and it’s scary as hell but I feel brave and courageous. I’m getting out of destructive habits (like thinking I have cancer every time I get a tummy cramp or googling symptoms for “bell’s palsy” because my face suddenly feels a little stiff). The love between me and Johnny is stronger than ever. I’m getting so much wonderful feedback from my fans on social media. I’m making art. I’m watching Seinfeld and laughing my ass off every day. I’m not complaining. My life is full of obstacles right now but at the same time I’m in the right place. Here is where I get a second chance in life. What a luxury.

(One of my favorite scenes from Seinfeld):

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