Miss Sloane’s pill box

My mind is tired. I’ve been working hard with therapy stuff lately and I think I need a little break. It’s time to soothe the mind and just be silly and having fun. I need to just let go of the intellectual world and dig into the world of imagination, play and laughter. I will spend the whole day in the studio today.

The little pill box from “Miss Sloane”

And there’s a new addition to my movie prop collection (although I lost half of it in my latest break up) – it’s a pill box used by Jessica Chastain in the new thriller “Miss Sloane” (by John Madden who directed “Shakespeare In Love”). The pill box was a gift from a very generous friend who works in the movie business and he sent it with the fake pills still in it – but sadly they were confiscated by the American customs at the border, they probably thought the sugar pills were real drugs. .

The pillbox plays an important part in the movie and you can see it in the movie trailer below (at 0:50). I am very happy to have a new prop in my collection and when I make more money, I’ll add more to it. Can’t wait.


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