Gratitude to my fans

This photo was taken in Stockholm 2010, the year I got burned out and got really lost within myself. I couldn’t make art, my creativity got blocked, I stopped believing in myself and slipped into a deep depression. I did not get any support from people close to me, so I was completely alone in the horrible experience of losing myself and my creativity (and a big part of my career as a result).

In 2014, after I was sexually assaulted in my sleep (in my own bed by my boyfriend at the time) I had to leave my old life behind. Since I had no income, it was a very difficult time and for a year I was without a home, crashing on my parent’s couch. I had lost everything a person could possibly lose.

It has taken me about 10 years to build a new life for myself, to build a new relationship to myself, to my body – and to my precious art. I also found new and wonderful friends along the way, and a man who truly loves me.  Next year will be my comeback year as an active artist. I can’t wait! I am so grateful for all the support you guys have showed me during these hard years, it has kept me alive. I won’t ever forget that. Thank you.

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