A little sad announcement

Dear friends of ART MONSTERS OF SWEDEN!  Due to all kinds of circumstances, MONSTER TEAN have decided to take a little break with our effort to run ART MONSTERS OF SWEDEN (which is the starting point of the Swedish lowbrow & dark art movement). We WILL be back!

Our original idea was to introduce obscure art genres like lowbrow, pop surrealism, dark art etc on the Swedish art scene because it has been non-existent – and at the same time create a community for Swedish artists who felt at home in our ambition. Our ambition was to arrange curated group shows with amazing Swedish artists within these genres, however, this turned out to be extremely difficult. The Swedish art world did not welcome our movement.

We will now take a break from running this project and collect new energy before we continue our (important) movement. Like all journeys it can take you to new and unexpected places.

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