My new life as a writer


For the past few years, I have managed to ‘cleanse’ out all negative energies from my life. It used to be so much chaos, drama and abuse – but I got rid of it. All of it. My life is now calm and for the first time, I feel relaxed in it.

When I was in my thirties, I made the decision of not having any children and that I would dedicate my life to focus on my creative projects. It was the best decision I have ever made for myself, because in this ‘free’ space of time and stillness – I could actually heal from my past traumas and focus on my creativity (the only thing that truly brings me joy in this life).

So, in this ‘clean’ space and time to focus solely on creative projects, I found a meaningful mission; to be an active advocate for survivors of psychological abuse. This mission will be the essence and the heart of every project I’ll ever make. The devastating effects of psychological abuse need to be exposed. It needs to be understood.

The surrealism you see in my art, contains elements of PTSD; confusion, internal chaos, the distorted reality after being gaslit, manipulated and controlled. All the screams you see in my art, are mine. All the melting faces you see in my demon portraits, are actual psychological demons (memories) melting away from my mind. The darkness never belonged to me anyway, it was forced upon me. My art is my story. My journal. Look closely at it and you will know what has happened to me. In detail.

And speaking of stories; I have reached a new level of peace of mind, which has allowed my creativity to expand and grow in unexpected directions. Now, I will focus on my childhood dream of becoming a writer. So, if you see a little less art coming from me, you’ll know that I am just busy writing – but don’t worry, I will never stop producing visual art! I have so many words, scenes, characters, stories and moods swirling around inside my mind right now – and I need to capture all of it! It feels incredibly exciting! This is new territory for me and I love it! Whenever you feel ‘safe’ and ‘comfortable’ in your creative expression; please take a break and explore new techniques, new themes, a new palette or a different focus.

So, I am currently working on one novel (based on my experience of ‘ambient abuse’) and collecting fragments for another – WHILST writing scripts for my podcast! So if you think I am ‘inactive’ just because I don’t post as much art as I used to – I am just deep into a whole new area of my imagination, expression and creative flow!

Much love to you all, thank you for your patience and support! ♥

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