My heart and soul

Hi there!

I feel a little guilty because I didn’t produce more than one art piece this year – like I have let down my original audience (like you) – but this year I have been putting my entire heart and soul into my Swedish podcast project ( Epilogen Podcast ) which deals with serious topics like trauma, malignant narcissism and psychological abuse – but mixed with a little humor, warmth and a lot of surrealism (just like in my art). I have also been producing episodes where other survivors share their experience and knowledge, always illustrating the stories with sound effects and mood-enhancing music. I have been writing scripts, editing episodes, I have been acting and directing (I even played an octopus in an episode about “dissociation” to illustrate the mind/body disconnect). The podcast has opened up my creativity on a whole other level and is definitely making me a better artist, writer and storyteller. Creating the 22 episodes of 2021 has been an amazing journey and resulted in some new, beautiful friendships along the way. 

I started the podcast in October 2020 because a therapist told me: “you don’t need therapy anymore – you need to CREATE and EXPRESS in order to heal your traumas – go make!” And boy, have I healed since then!

However, I do feel like I’ve neglected my visual art a bit and I am sure you are wondering where all the new pieces are! Please know that I have like 20 WORKS IN PROGRESS (paintings, collages, drawings), so once I have a little more time, I will finish them all up and put them up for sale! I just wish I had more time (and energy). Time to paint. Time to play around in Photoshop. Time to plan new art shows. Time to connect with you guys! Thank you for being so patient, supportive and understanding!

Much love to you all – and I truly hope you will have a wonderful new year with lots of joy, healing, creativity and growth!


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