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“Grim Reaper” by Mia Makila, 2008, acrylic on canvas.


“I started making dark art paintings and mixed media collages in 2006, three years after a messy divorce from an abusive man. I was both depressed and angry about what had happened to me. Before I discovered the liberating process of making collages in Photoshop, I used paper cut outs from books which where leftovers from my marriage. It felt great to cut, destroy and rip the books apart while gluing myself back together through my art. If you follow my art timeline, you can actually witness the healing process; through the dark and painful places to happier, candy colored worlds. I use my art as a tool for self-reflection and expressing inner wounds – as an act of pure catharsis. This is how I have survived many lives and deaths already. Without my creativity and art, I wouldn’t be here today.”

– MIa Makila,  2019


“Newspaper Freak” (2008). mixed media on canvas.

“Daddy’s Secret” (2007), acrylic on canvas.

“Demon on a Bicycle” (2008). acrylic on canvas.

“The Truth” by Mia Makila, 2008. Acrylic on canvas.