A slow process


Suddenly I don’t know what to write here. I have so much to tell you., but perhaps I’ll save it all for a future book, I don’t know. What I’ve gone through these last few years has been overwhelming and fascinating. A journey from being totally lost within myself to a place of inner peace and enlightenment.

But I’m not gonna stop writing or posting. I still have a lot to tell you here. I am still slowly approaching my art and my creativity. And it’s a big deal for me. I have to say that I never thought it would be so hard to come back after being burned out and blocked. It’s all connected to losing the connection to myself and my core, but as long as I am making progress in my self therapy work, I am also getting closer to my creativity -and I’m finally losing the heavy weight of expectations, self doubt and the feeling of constant failure when things are not going my way.

I can only paint for a few hours until I’m drained and tired. But it’s OK, I’ve accepted it and surrendered to this slow process of finding the right energy and focus I need to be able to get into the wonderful flow of creating. I really miss it.