NEW! “A Little Parade”

“A Little Parade” by Mia Makila, digital collage 2021. Available.

This is a new version of an older piece from 2017 called “Dead Lolitas”. Sometimes I feel like I need to finish an old thought or vision that wasn’t fully developed at the time. See the older version below.

“Dead Lolitas” (2017), digital collage. Available.

Best of 2020

Some of personal highlights from the worst year ever:

1. My art was exhibited next to legendary artist H.R. Giger at a lovely group show at Merry Art Gallery in Japan.
2. Launched – but the project was interrupted by Covid.
3. Started painting again (after almost 10 years).
4. Started writing a novel based on my experiences of ambient abuse (subtle psychological abuse)
5. Created Epilogen Podcast  – a Swedish documentary podcast about #narcissisticabuse
6. Learned how to set healthy boundaries (finally!) and started loving myself.
7. Was hired to be a mentor for an amazing art student.
8. Found a new purpose in life – to be a spokesperson for #psychologicalabuse through my art, writing, podcast etc.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! May 2021 be a much better year for us all! ♥

Epilogens Julspecial

Epilogens julspecial “Ensamma tillsammans” är en varm och tröstande famn för alla som känner sig ensamma under jul och nyår. Mia Makila blandar motiverande visdomsord med lekfull humor när karaktärerna Ångesten, Självtvivlet och Klokheten gästar poddstudion. Exklusiva julhälsningar från ståuppkomikern Al Pitcher, dokumentärfilmaren Dheeraj Akolkar (“Liv & Ingmar”) och Sveriges rockabillydrottning Eva Eastwood. Cerefie Byrge framför en julsång, exklusivt inspelad för Epilogens julspecial.

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Avsnitt 6 “Ditt lidande – narcissistens reningsbad”

Avsnitt 6 “Ditt lidande – narcissistens reningsbad” utforskar “det tysta lidandet” som offret tvingas uthärda, då narcissisten vägrar ta ansvar för sitt skadliga beteende och istället twistar till verkligheten genom att intala offret att hen är ‘psykiskt sjuk’ eller ‘hysterisk’. Narcissisten framställer sig som offer och får sitt offer att likna en förövare som attackerar, anklagar och är aggressiv. Vad blir konsekvenserna när offrets lidande och verklighet ständigt tystas ned, förnekas och förvanskas? Lyssna här eller via Podbean eller via Spotify, Apple Podcasts etc.

Nytt poddavsnitt – “Den falska kärleken”

Nu finns det nytt avsnitt av Epilogen Podcast tillgängligt! Avsnitt 5 – “Den falska kärleken” är en lektion i kärlek! Vi kan inte förstå destruktiva relationer utan att prata om det som förenar dem: den falska och skadliga kärleken! Kan kärlek verkligen vara skadlig eller är det då något annat? Varför hamnar vi i relationer som får oss att må dåligt och varför är det så svårt att ta sig ur dem? Lär dig att genomskåda den falska kärleken och hur du blir immun mot den!
Epilogen Podcast är producerad, skriven och framförd av överlevaren och konstnären Mia Makila.
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Premiär för Epilogen Podcast!

PREMIÄR!! Denna vecka lanserar jag ett dubbelavsnitt i två delar av mitt hjärteprojekt Epilogen Podcast om psykisk misshandel.

Lyssna underifrån och upp, via Spotify eller direkt här på sidan eller via Podbean!


Epilogen Podcast är en välproducerad podd om psykologisk och narcissistisk misshandel. Konstnären och överlevaren Mia Makila använder både värme och kreativitet för att dela med sig av sina upplevelser och kunskap om det dolda våldet, som kan vara svårt att upptäcka och förstå sig på.  Producerad, skriven och framförd av Mia Makila.

NEW! “Puppet Girl”

“Puppet Girl” digital collage (2020). Soon available.

This one was so much fun to make. In a way it is a self-portrait of how I use to be (a puppet girl for others to manipulate). I have outgrown the chains and nails and I no longer allow anyone to make me feel like a puppet.

Some parents DID raise us to accept abuse from men

I love Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. However, some parents DID raise us to accept abuse from men.
Some parents raised us to always put a man’s need first. To always find excuses for men’s abuse. Some parents raised us not to see men’s abuse, to deny it, to deflect away attention from it, to blame ourselves for provoking and triggering the abuse. Some parents raised us to be scared of standing up for ourselves when we are abused by men. Some parents raised us never to tell about men’s abuse. Some parents raised us to look like the perpetrator while the abusing man looks like the victim, when we speak up about the abuse. Some parents raised us to feel responsible for men’s abuse.
To sum it up: some of us were raised by parents to accept abuse from men and to blame ourselves for it.
This is a real problem in our society – and just as wrong as when men are abusing women who were NOT raised by parents to accept abuse from men.
Image credit: @bananalovemuffin

An artist with a mission

As I have been dealing with some traumatic events this year WHILST being completely isolated and alone in my apartment for the last 4,5 months, I have been forced to do some hard-core soul-searching. As a result, I have made some truly deep and profound (and life-changing) discoveries about who I am. Or more importantly – of who I wish to become. Ever since I was a little girl, my biggest dream was to become an artist and I worked hard to make my dream come true. But when I became an artist, the dream of BECOMING, totally died. The dream has now been boiled down to selling artworks – in order for my bills to get paid. That’s what the big dream was all about? And to be honest – what does it even mean to be an artist, once this Pandemic will end? An artist is one of the lowest ranked non-essential professions. Some people might even say it’s just a make-believe job, a sign of ego centrism, or that it’s “just a hobby”. As an artist, I know this is not true. History wouldn’t look like history without artists. Science without artists would be hard to grasp. Cities without artists would be dull. Without artists, people’s imagination would dry out and there would be no social or cultural progress. Life would be awfully boring. No movies, no images, no museums, no aesthetics, no fashion – no dreams or visions.

And here is where my life-changing discoveries come in – alongside the dreams and the visions. I AM an artist – but that’s not all I want to be. I am so much more – and there is so much more I wish to become, within this lifetime. I don’t want to make art just so I can pay my bills! Hell, no – I want to use my art to achieve something far more substantial. I want to create art with a purpose. I want to be an artist with a mission!

I will try to make a video about this tomorrow, so I can explain more. ❤️

Photo: me in front of a Cindy Sherman (Stockholm, 2010).

Dark Surrealists United – launch day!

Today I’ve launched my new writing project DARK SURREALISTS UNITED  – where I interview dark surrealists and dark artists from all over the world! Please take your time to read the interviews, whenever you feel like getting to know your favorite dark surrealist!

There is also a short introduction with my thoughts about this project. I will continue to interview dark surrealists from all over the world, famous ones, unknown masters, young, old, writers, artists, film makers etc. If you wish to be part of this project, PM me!

Ok, now go and have a look!♥