Dark Surrealists United

I have some great news to share with you all!  I am currently building a platform for some of the most talented dark surrealists in the world called DARK SURREALISTS UNITED!
I’ve had many dreams in my life – and one of them is the dream of being a writer / journalist and it’s time to catch this dream now – so I am creating a site that will feature interesting interviews with some of your favorite artists and creators of dark and surreal art! At the moment I am juggling interview work with 9 different artists (Nihil, Nathalia Suellen, Jim Kazanjian, Aeron Alfrey, Richard Hoefle etc) This might take a while to finish up, but you have all something really great to look forward to! I believe we all need a break from the reality of real life and just have some fun and enjoy some amazing art! So – stay tuned…
(Logo design by me and art by Richard Hoefle)

My new logotype!

Here is my new logotype! It’s not perfect yet but it works for now. In 2020 I will make my comeback in the art world after being on a long (very long) hiatus after I got burned out. I am starting over, with a new business, new exciting collections and many fun new projects – and  a new logo to boot!

The unpleasant story of how someone claimed the ‘Daddy’s Secret’ design

Me and my painting in the “Don’t Wake Daddy II” group show at Feinkunst Krüger in Hamburg, 2007.

Ok, so here is a very complex and strange experience I’ve had this year, told as a story both in pictures and in writing:
I won’t mention names because this story is not about attacking or creating bad blood, it’s about sharing a very real and painful experience.
So, earlier this year I found out that another artist (in my little corner of the art world) had just created a mask which was identical with the face of ‘Daddy’ from my 2007 painting ‘Daddy’s Secret’. I felt shocked, nauseas and upset. I contacted the artist who claimed she’s never heard of me and never seen my Daddy painting. I did not believe in this unlikely coincidence and felt confused. After a long discussion, the artist agreed to give me credit for the original design. After a few weeks. This mask was used as cover art for a music album and as far as I know, I was credited as ‘inspiration’ for the mask design. All was good and we were OK with the agreement. But today I found out that someone had made a tattoo, inspired by the mask and not by my painting, so the mask design has now got a life of its own. The internet is a strange place where pictures suddenly get new life and even cult status. Once again I was faced with the uncomfortable feeling of being robbed of something dear to me, something I love and feel proud of. My art is my everything, it’s my life, my work and part of my soul. I even chose art over motherhood.
I could not think of any solution to this problem other than standing up for myself. After a friendly but uncomfortable conversation with the artist, they agreed to remove all photos of the mask on social media and take it off their website.
I don’t want to cause any problems for the artist  – who is still claiming they were unaware of my original painting (that is of course highly unlikely and only the Universe know the whole truth of this story). However I think this is an important thing to discuss. This can happen to any artist. I don’t know how we can protect ourselves from this?
I have learned a lot about the relationship I have to my own art, about the integrity of the characters I create. They are my family and the only thing which is truly owned by me. You can’t own people and even if you buy a piece of land you don’t really own it, but what we own, is the art we make. Something rare that has never been seen or heard before – a new addition to the world around us that will inspire others to produce their own original ideas, characters and magic. There is a fine line between inspiration and stealing and I strongly believe that a stolen piece is charged with dark energy and doesn’t carry the magic of the original piece (if you compare them side by side anyway).
This story came to a peaceful end today – and I hope that my painting ‘Daddy’s Secret will continue to inspire people out there, for a long, long time to come.

NEW! “Red Story nr. 3”

“Red Story nr. 3” by Mia Makila, 2019. Digital collage. Edition of 5. Available.

This is the third piece of my “Red Story” suite – a visual series about the traumas I am slowly overcoming. Instead of my usual perspective of examining the emotions of the survivor/victim (me), I am focusing on the crazy actions and bizarre behavior of the abusers. In the third story piece I am exploring the strange behavior of one of my ex boyfriends. Our relationship was based on a power imbalance. I lived in his house, he was a ‘master’ – dominant, in control, better, stronger, smarter – whilst I was made into a submissive ‘lolita’, a living doll, an object, weaker, dependent and isolated. This imbalance had many dimensions – it was economical, material, physical, emotional, psychological and sexual.
During our first year of living together in his house, he had a bizarre ritual of unzipping his pants right after he had served me dinner, then he would take out his (soft) dick and place it on the dining table and would just be standing like that for a while – so proud of himself and his ‘thing’. This usually happened when the family across the street (a mom, dad and two teenage boys) also were having their dinner and could see him standing like that, through their window. I would do what all good girls are supposed to do in situations where men make us uncomfortable – I would giggle.
But after I was out of this toxic relationship, I started to question this absurd routine. What was he trying to tell me – with his dick on the table, next to the food I was about to enjoy? What did he demonstrate? Was it an act of intimidation, a power demonstration, psychological abuse or perhaps an expression of a sexual fetish (with the eyes of our neighbor family as an important factor)?