Why I think NASA is sexy

Photo by NASA

Photo by NASA


I’m watching the 2014 documentary “The Last Man on the Moon” about Apollo astronaut Eugene Cernan who stepped off the moon in 1972 leaving his footprints and his daughter’s initials in the lunar dust.  It is a powerful story and I have tears in my eyes. There’s a strong connection between art and science – both equally curious about finding and exploring the boundaries of life and reality. Artists and scientists have worked closely together for hundreds  of years,  especially before the camera was invented. The artists illuminated the microcosmic worlds found by the scientists and illustrated their understanding of plants, human anatomy, geography, astronomy and the animal kingdom.

Photo by NASA

I’m really in awe of science at times. Especially all of the NASA projects makes my mind have goosebumps all over. It actually makes my mind feel wet and aroused. Not only do they produce mind-blowing photographs of the galaxies of our Universe which are more amazing than any art I could ever imagine, – and pushes the limits of what’s possible to achieve, NASA is, according to me, expressing the highest form of human curiosity. And that’s fucking hot. That’s what motivates lovers too. Curiosity. A need to explore, to go beyond any familiar limits or restraints, to reach a higher level of consciousness – and the uncompromised assertiveness to follow a desire. NASA is listening to the heartbeats of Space. Penetrating deeper within the unexplored. Blazing across the sky. Flames. Fire. Explosions. Roaring. lift off.  Going higher. Higher. Vibrations. Unfolding. Silence. Stillness. Darkness. Light. Orbiting. Gravity. No gravity. Breaths. Tumbling. Faster. Faster. a timeless time. Taming the unknown. Devouring. Touchdown. Exploring density. Depth. Landscapes. The surface. And the hidden worlds underneath. Textures. Colors. Footprints on new territories. Wanting to be the first. To go deeper. Further. Beyond. Trembling with fear. Anticipation. To change the consciousness. Expanding. Open. Wide open. Secrets revealed. Absorbing every moment. Appreciation. Love. Home. But deep into another world.

There are many similarities between NASA and a lover. But perhaps the most significant thing they have in common is the need to risk it all to be able to find a sense of belonging in a place, far, far away from everything they have ever known. A home away from home.

The secret details and the softness of time


“You fill me with details only you have in you to share. Our private little world is the best creation I know”. I could feel the warmth of every word you shared with me in that moment. We were naked in both daylight and moonlight, with our bodies entangled – but on each side of the world. And with 9 hours cutting the reality in two parts. I am always in your future, and at times, you live within the remains of my yesterday. But we are still able to share a wondrous space together – that’s slowly expanding but somehow trapped in the one dimensional, digital  echoes of our voices but released by the softness of the timeless time in our moments.

The details. Secrets of our true selves, invisible for everyone else to see. How is it that it’s so easy to see them when we share our moments together – they were never invisible to me, and they were never invisible to you.


You are slowly taming my beast within – I am unleashing the grotesque. It’s shocking. I meet myself, inverted into charcoal in a dense, dark light. Rotten heartache. Ancient. Mutating. Always dancing. But you refuse to dance with it.

It’s liberating.

Beyond the unbearable distance,  is our home. Time is both the ocean between us and the bridge stretching across the wild waves. Untameable. Hunger. So close. Closer. You devour my heart. Pixel by pixel.