Still Life With Flowers And Love [digital]


Still Life With Flowers And Love by Mia Makila, 2016 [digital] – click image to enlarge

Detail studies:

still_life_detailstill_life_detail2 This digital piece was an experiment, to see how close to the illusion of a painting I can come with digital cut outs in PhotoShop, here are some of the flowers, and the vase I used in the composition:

Before I found my true artistic voice, I used to paint flowers and still lifes all the time. It was fun to revisit the process of building a flower bouquets but this time with layers and layers of hi res images instead of paint. These acrylic paintings are from 2002-2005:


Work in progress.. I’m just experimenting with how I can paint with hi res images of flowers instead of paint. I’m also studying Dutch still lifes from the 17th century.