Avsnitt 20 – ART MONSTERS-Podden

Äntligen är Mia & Maria tillbaka i poddstudion med både glöd och nya funderingar om livet, konsten och framgång! I avsnittet diskuteras kontrasten mellan samtidens förkärlek för apati, stress och avtrubbning – och den inre glöden som driver ART MONSTERS OF SWEDEN och den svenska lowbrowrörelsen framåt. Fast går det verkligen att segla utan vind? Utan glöd? Tjejerna är enstämmiga i frågan: var är glöden?

Programledare: Mia Makila & Maria Wingård

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NEW! “The Tragic Death Of Observation Cat”

“The Tragic Death Of Observation Cat” by Mia Makila, 2019. Digital ultrachrome print on cotton archival paper. Edition of 5. Available.

Earlier this year I found an abandoned piece from 2012 of a very angry observation cat (appropriately based on a recurring nightmare where I feel forced to pet a cat which I forgot I had so it hasn’t been fed or nurtured for years – and it is dusty and starving and the fur is covered with eyeballs). 

NEW! “The Lolita Express”

“The Lolita Express” by Mia Makila, 2019. New media collage. Limited edition. Available.

I’ve never put so much work into a digital piece before, been working around the clock with this one. It was fun to do but the story behind it is awful and disturbing – about the private jet plane “Lolita Express” – owned by Jeffrey Epstein. What a horrible concept and I feel so much compassion and sadness for those poor girls. My heart is reaching out to them through this intense piece. I hope you like it and fins your own stories in it as well.

NEW! “Secret”

NEW! “Secret” by Mia Makila, 2019. Digital collage. Edition of 10.

This is what happens when you mix my brain with inspiration from Freud, Lynch and Mark Ryden. 
This one was FUN FUN FUN to make! Hope you like it as much as I do. Available – PM for inquiries.
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