A skinless cloud


[photo found on Tumblr]

I don’t know how to make this new skin move with my thoughts. Stretching out. Making it fit. Transparent fear. Goosebumps. But no movement. Trying to climb out of myself. I want to run – skinless and without a sense of weight. I don’t want to feel the gravity of the Earth. I’m dressed in wind. Gently touching the surface of the ocean that is dividing me from you. Time is broken and doesn’t make any sense. I sleep with your daylight in my heart. There was no collision, instead we were melting together like invisible chocolate. When I crawled out of my familiar skin, you could still see the contours, the shape and the luminescence of my existence. Naked. Like we were nothing more than two hearts floating in the air. Skinless clouds. No gravity but a slow tornado of words. Wet punctuation. Very slow marks of silence. Your eyes hiding between the lines. I’m touching your secret skin. Goosebumps. Still no movement. But so much stillness in motion.

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