A summer’s day

8 thoughts on “A summer’s day

  1. miamakila79 says:

    Thank you dear Todd, you are too kind, I am naturally blonde but I was blonde during my marriage and after the divorce I started to dye my hair red (with Henna) to mark a change and a rebirth…



  2. stevie says:

    I’ve just come in from working all day in the heat and that water looks so inviting and food as well i love fish but I’m distracted by a stunning red head in the picture so natural wow yes todd i have to agree beautiful and i say this because every woman should hear this without fear of what is he after i think it should just be said because its true nothing more nothing less Stevie


  3. miamakila79 says:

    That’s sweet… Thank you… Although I can actually FEEL if there’s something more to a compliment than just good intention, I am very sensitive to the energy between people, I can feel it even online, I have always been sensitive to people’s sexual energy and I can feel it instantly if I share a sexual connection with a stranger I am just passing by on the street, colleagues or fans or whatever… It’s so fascinating… It really is..exciting and a bit paranormal…

    Or maybe super natural…


  4. stevie says:

    yes i see what you mean its a strange energy you feel with in you when you make eye contact or by their way with words maybe it is paranormal or super natural ohhhhhhh i hope its super natural or something dark Stevie


  5. miamakila79 says:



    Or it’s the way they don’t say anything at all, sometimes it’s in the silence, or in subtle ways…

    We are all planets gravitating towards each other or away from each other towards someone else…there’s people generating so much light and energy and people who only take things from you or steal your energy like black holes …

    I feel like a professor now. I should be wearing my glasses..


  6. stevie says:

    yes i see what you mean it all comes down to energy and connections and for me sometimes a connection on a conversation level is as strong as a sexual one but then again they sort of feed off each other we just have too watch out for the leeches trying to steal our light interesting subject professor longstockings Stevie


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