Avoiding the sun


I haven’t been able to paint for a week now. It’s just too hot outside and the sun is blasting in from the windows and even if I try to block it out with my curtains, my apartment feels like an oven. I wish it would rain. I wish there could be a storm passing through. Anything cool and windy. That’s when I feel the most creative and inspired. I miss painting. I was in a flow before the heat came. I have always disliked August and its unbearable heat. But it’s a new month in only two weeks. I guess I can wait for two more weeks. I’ve been busy with some digital projects anyway. And I feel like I’ve reached a new level of knowledge and new techniques in Photoshop. I am better than ever and it makes me feel happy and excited. I want to be even better, so I’ll just go on exploring techniques and ideas.

Today I’m resting and watching THE AFFAIR on HBO, just trying to avoid the sun and the heat as much as I can.

But I feel so inspired. I want to do so many things! I have so many visions inside my head and so much passion in my heart – sometimes it’s all so overwhelming. Can an inner overflow of inspiration kill you if you don’t use it in the right way?

2 thoughts on “Avoiding the sun

  1. stevie says:

    yes it looks like the only way you will chill is to watch the tv its warm here too the last time it rained was saturday i was walking in a forest at the time all by myself i just stood under a tree for a while just watching ,listening could of stayed their all day lets hope it comes back soon i think when i pass on ill come back as a night owl………………………….. hmmm god I’m bored aghhhhhhhhhhhhh thats better sometime you just got to let it out sis Stevie ha ha


  2. miamakila79 says:

    it sounds like a lovely moment you had with yourself. I have those amazing moments with myself, but by the ocean. There, I feel like I am complete and healed in every single way.


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