The distance


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I’m feeling restless. Frustrated. In my mind, I am trying to expand my body so it can reach all the way across the Atlantic ocean to America, so I can wrap myself around the man I love. To melt with him in every way possible – or I guess in all the impossible ways. To fall in love is easy, but to build a real and solid foundation of a relationship with someone on the other side of the world is hard. It is hard work and takes a lot of ambition, to overcome the frustration and to deal with the two dimensional world of talking on the phone. But I’ve never felt closer to anyone in my life. We have created a world of our own, our home, with sensuality and intimacy as the core of that home. It is an incredible experience.

If I close my eyes while we are talking, I can feel how the two dimensional reality is dissolving and transforming into a timeless room, filled with warm light and body heat. It’s all there, in the silences between us, or in the sound of his voice – our world and its strong heartbeats. He can touch me gently with his breath, in places I don’t even recognize in myself, he can light my fire so easily by looking at me through the digital blindness.

I didn’t know it could all be there, without me being there at all. Physically I mean. But he will be here – soon. Only a month to go until I can wrap myself around the man I love.

4 thoughts on “The distance

  1. Todd from Kentucky says:

    “To melt with him in every way possible – or I guess in all the impossible ways.” I hope he realizes and appreciates just how lucky he is. And I hope he can take that kind of intensity. I suspect the axis of the Earth will be knocked askew when you two finally meet face-to-face.


  2. miamakila79 says:

    haha yes, I think so too, almost three years of longing..

    and that’s so sweet of you to say… thank you.. I know he appreciates me for who I am, I feel naked and expose – in the most lovely way ( and it’s a little scary too ).

    I am very intense and passionate and he is very calm and sensual, it will be a new experience for me since I am not used to a slow speed of things.. especially not when it’s passionate… but perhaps that’s where all the good stuff is… I will explore and find out..


  3. stevie says:

    wow…… not long now this will be a very special moment for both of you …as a onlooker i can feel the electricity in the air as it is starting to build towards your meeting finally after three years you have both loved each other with your minds and souls and now your bodies will write the rest of your story together …..gone a get hungry …gonna light you fire oh babe been thinking about you ,,,,,, your my one desire gonna wrap my arms around you hold you close to me …i wanna taste your lips i wanna be your fantasy yeah …this is what I’m picturing as you two meet Stevie


  4. miamakila79 says:

    haha yeees… exactly 🙂 but this is not something I’ve experienced before… I’ve had some great passions in my life, but this is my best friend… I feel at home, so it will be passionate and sexy but also, like coming home…hard to explain… so I am both excited and also homesick and looking forward to feeling at home in his arms…
    I hope I can get some great pictures too to post here….


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