Something is lost

We ha our first school killing in Sweden today – a man dressed as Darth Vader killing and stabbing children and teachers with a sword. I don’t recognize Sweden anymore. I don’t feel safe here and it’s not the country I grew up in. I have a bad feeling in my gut. Something is lost – something new is growing like dark weeds in the silence. The politically correctness is like intellectual bondage – we are not allowed to talk about the real and raw nature of things. To stay naive and politically correct can lead to a national suicide when it comes to feeling safe and free because there are no questions asked, no alternative paths to walk. There’s only the blindness of the politically correctness or the extreme opposite where there’s no empathy and knowledge, only bigotry and hate. I don’t know what is happening to my country – or perhaps it’s something happening to the entire world, but I’m starting to feel really, really worried…


6 thoughts on “Something is lost

  1. stevie says:

    yes i agree with you totally the world feels like a very scary place over the last few years with wars and murders for reasons i don’t understand like religion and oil or the colour of your skin i think its because theirs too many liars stirring things up i wish i could just strip away all the artificial needs people cling too and let them see each other as one ………i feel safe when i shut my eyes and embrace the darkness in my mind more than the darkness that surrounds this world at this moment Stevie……….we need more love in this world


    • miamakila79 says:

      Yes…war and violence… Or indifference and lack of compassion when it comes to other people is something I don’t understand…

      Right now I’m in the process of changing… Everything in my life…and the way I behave and think…and I’m in a new relationship, I am living by myself for the first time ever…so I am struggling with feeling safe in all this…and when society and the whole world is changing too, I feel like there’s nothing solid to hang on too…


      • miamakila79 says:

        I have my creativity that I will use as a place for release and safety… Something I control and create without the pressure from the outside… I will go back to painting in December. It’s too much else going on right now…I feel a little lost


  2. Todd from Kentucky says:

    Very telling quote from an article I just read . . . “In a week when Sweden has basked in international attention after Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders said the US needed to move closer to Scandinavia, Swedes now fear that, on the contrary, the country is emulating the violence familiar to US schools.”


    • Todd from Kentucky says:

      . . . But at least Sweden’s gun control laws are more strict. It could have been much worse . . . you know, on par with the shootings in the US.


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