What I cared about when I was 12 years old


[me, 1991, on a trip to Brussels]

  1. To get eye contact with the boy I was in love with at the time (different love interests every week) – I was too shy to ever talk to boys, so eye contact was the nr 1 hot stuff
  2. Writing in my journal about the eye contact
  3. Wondering if I maybe needed to buy my first bra or not
  4. Reading in the gossip magazines about the group sex adventures of Madonna, my idol and role model, wondering if I was gonna be into that stuff as an adult
  5. Drawing cartoons
  6. Writing dirty short stories about Estée Lauder (I stole the name from a perfume ad and didn’t realize it was a famous brand)
  7. Reading my mom’s old Nancy Drew books but was more interested in how they smelled and got a little obsessed with it – I turned into a serious Nancy Drew book sniffing junkie
  8. Wondering if Brooke would ever win back Ridge’s heart in The Bold And The Beautiful
  9. Multiple scrunches
  10. To come up with good excuses to get out of gym class because I was scared of balls

5 thoughts on “What I cared about when I was 12 years old

  1. stevie says:

    i remember the interviews with madonna in bed…… and wishing i was there……………………….i think i will buy myself a madonna print pillow…….mmmmmm Steve


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