4 thoughts on “The first snow of the year

  1. stevie says:

    yeahhhhhhh snow i wish i had some here all it has done is rain causing floods its been a while since I’ve had a snowball fight and made a snowman mmmmmmmm but the best thing is looking at the way it turns individual places like trees and buildings into their own art form i love the look of snow at night as the moon light makes it sparkle………….this makes me think of 2016 as you unleash your inner sparkle and show us the best is still to come ,,,,,,,,,,,,Stevie


  2. miamakila79 says:

    Yes and I love how the world gets all muffled when it’s covered in thick layers of snow.. the silence… and the stillness… and even if the air is filled with snowflakes, it’s all so calm and soothing..

    and yes 2016 will be an important year for me – because now it’s not about starting over or to overcome a lot of obstacles – now it’s just to enjoy myself and to LIVE and MAKE art, love and anything I want to create!!!


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