The keywords for 2016 should be “empathy” and “tolerance”

This year is over. When I think of 2015, I think of a cold year, marked with so much hate and intolerance. Haters, shamers, racists, stupidity and ignorance. Personally, I had a good year, filled with love and happiness – but outside my own little bubble of peace, the world seemed confused and unstable. There are no shades of grey left in our world – it’s just black or white, dominated by extremes. For or against, good or evil, one of us or one of them – worthy or unworthy of acceptance and approval.

I hope that 2016 will be a turning point. Every day is a chance to change course, attitude or path. We are all very powerful that way. We have the ability to stop what we’re doing and take a look at ourselves to search for new questions. It’s when we stop questioning our own beliefs or stop looking for new knowledge that our minds are filled with arrogance and our hearts produce a concrete shell.

“You are not like me. You don’t look like me. You don’t act like me. You don’t believe like me. You don’t share my world. You don’t share my God. You don’t share my taste. You don’t share my heaven. You don’t share my language. You don’t share my blood.”

Even so, we are all equals to the realities of life and death and the endless experiences within. We are filled with so many stories, knowledge, scars and wounds. We all know pain and we are all searching for happiness but in different places.

I hope people can see how empathy is the beginning of a more tolerant world, a world where we can look for knowledge and understanding in each other instead of looking for evidence that would justify our hatred or intolerance – in the quest for feeling superior and righteous.

We know nothing but our own convictions and personal truths, but we can learn more about life, love and the human existence by opening up to the thought that our sense of truth might not be as solid as we want it to be. There are as many truths as there are human lives – and we are all fighting to be seen and heard. Our secret wish is to share our own private truth with other people, without feeling judged or rejected – in the way we are judging and rejecting ourselves when nobody is watching.

Let 2016 be the year we dare to walk in each other’s shoes.

Happy new year! ❤


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