The morning light

rsz_img_20160324_111300 Spending the morning in bed with Ingmar Bergman and a thousand glowing butterflies inside.

The morning sun is a beautiful intruder in my bed, casting a warm light over my body.  I love the morning hours. That’s when I feel the most connected to myself. Where I can listen to my inside like putting a seashell close to my ear to listen to the wind that doesn’t even exist but somehow is trapped inside its own silence. Every morning we are reborn into a world that looks the same but always is slightly different. When we go to bed it has changed us a little too. The day is both adding and tearing down layers of our own reality.  Life is elastic and alive like a breathing entity. If I reach out my hand in this morning light, I break the stillness but at the same time it finds a way to get inside me and for a second we are one and the same. We are soon interrupted by he clouds and the seconds of constant changing shadows in my mind.


2 thoughts on “The morning light

  1. stevie says:

    i love the early morning as you lie in your bed with your eyes shut just feeling the new day with the sound of your heart and your breathing as the world circles around you somedays the silence is quite deafening……………………………..Stevie


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