A goldfish metaphor


My mind is a little foggy today. There are so many processes in motion right now, it’s a bit overwhelming. I never knew how much hard work it would take to get my life back in order. I knew it would be hard work – but it’s been two years since the break up where my life completely fell apart. Two years. So many small steps, slow and subtle changes, drastic changes and painful wake up calls. But two years is nothing compared to how many years I lived in the ruins of my own life. I have to accept that some days I have to take a break so I can catch my breath. It’s perfectly normal. I’ve come so far, but I know this is just the beginning of a new journey. I feel excited. There are so many possibilities – so many stars to catch.

It’s like I’ve been a goldfish trapped in a tiny bowl for all my life and now I’ve been set free into the ocean. Where should I go? I’ll let the waves carry me. And my goldfish instincts.

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