Hello spring!


The view from my window right now; the cemetery and the Valborg celebration in the park behind it, with a bonfire (to the left of the chapel) and fireworks

I am out of sync with this day, like I never really woke up at all today. It’s the evening of Valborg – the last day of April and as a European tradition, it’s time to officially welcome spring. I can hear a choir singing traditional Swedish songs of spring and hope, all the way from the park behind the cemetery outside my window. I’m still very allergic but I welcome spring, in many ways this year. I am anticipating so many wonderful things to come. A new collection of artworks. Art shows. Writing projects. A new job. Johnny coming back to Sweden to visit me again. More happiness. More creativity. More of everything that is good. But first, I have to survive the pollen season before I can celebrate all the good things to come without any distractions.

Now, I can hear a brass orchestra making a salute. I guess it’s officially spring now. Time for growth. Optimism. Hope. Colors. Creative explosions. More light. Butterflies. Love. I told you – everything good is just around the corner.

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