The wildflower


Spring turned into summer in only a week. My body is always sensitive to the transitions of the seasons and especially when the changes are quick and extreme. I feel wild. Like a spring flower that’s caught on fire in the summer heat. Every part of me is alive. Every cell. Every hair. Every thought. Perhaps we all carry a piece of summer in our hearts because it’s so easy to connect with the energy of the season.

I will dedicate all day tomorrow to work on my painting “The Core”. It’s a large scale canvas and at times painting on it feels like taming a beast.  But I’m almost done. I hope I can transfer this glowing energy into the painting. It is about my core and I have to load it with my light and energy.  Because the core is everything. Everything. That’s where all our good things are born. Our strength. Ability to love and to be loved. Happiness. Peace. Power. The soul. The “realness” of our existence. The light within. And the sexual energy. Everything we need to protect.  All those things that makes us  feel vulnerable and naked – and at the same time divine and alive.

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