Not surviving but living

I’ve been dealing with a big headache all day, perhaps I’m coming down with something. But even with the headache, I feel great. I feel beautiful and strong. And so very inspired. I’m not surviving life anymore, I’m actually living it. I’m feeling really alive. Working at the gallery is so good for me and I’m getting quite an education there –  I’m learning how to think in business terms and about grants and stuff. I’m very grateful for this opportunity. The gallery owner is also an artist and we feed each other with ideas and inspiration every day, it’s a very positive energy that is good for us both. We make each other grow. And I’m growing both as s person and as an artist right now, it’s an exciting time in my life. I just wish this headache would leave me alone.

2 thoughts on “Not surviving but living

  1. stevie says:

    i don’t like headaches at all they come on with sadness, happiness , lights.sounds and lately I’ve been reading about a headache you can get after sex if thats true my hand get lots of headaches………ha ha Stevie


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