The fog of nothingness

There are no real thoughts in my mind at the moment. It’s almost all blank. There’s a heavy fog covering everything I have inside. It’s all buried underneath the monthly hormones. The only thoughts I can make out in the fog are fragmented and vague. I can’t think straight. I can’t create. This will all pass in a few days but it’s a nightmare while it’s happening. I feel isolated within myself and almost completely encapsulated in the fog of nothingness and numbness.

It’s not fair that some women have to suffer from this every month, there’s no cure or even something to make it feel better. Some doctors prescribe antidepressants but I refuse to take pills like that just because my hormones are acting up. The side effects are way worse than the symptoms of what I am going through anyway. It’s silly. If this was a problem for men, they would’ve come up with a miracle cure a long time ago. But as all other “women’s issues”, we’re stuck with neglect and silence. It’s just not that important.

All I have to do now, is to wait.

For the fog to leave.

Until I’ll get my life back.

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