The shift


I’ll be done with redecorating my apartment by tomorrow night. I’ve been so focused on organizing it so I haven’t had the time to make art in a while. I miss it and I will go back to painting this week.

I can feel how there’s a shift in my life – I used to be on survival mode rather than to live my life and for a long time there was a process in between those two states, to rebuild, reclaim, reconnect, recover and reinvent myself. I’m not doing that anymore. I’m just living my life and enjoying every minute of it. I feel relaxed and happy. I know I still have some more steps to take until I am able to work as a full time artist again. But right now, the most important thing is to paint, paint, paint so I’ll create a new collection of works. The rest comes later. I’m in no hurry anyway.

Domenique is still missing, I’m very worried that something terrible has happened to her.

I’m thinking about how many hours I’ve been looking at her face behind my camera. And all those hours editing our photographs. I think I know her face more intimately than I know any old lover’s face.


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