A rebel heart

During one of our long talks this weekend, I told Johnny something about how I’ve always had an inner rebel – and he asked me: “but are you rebelling for or against something?” , and his question made me completely perplexed. I had never thought about it before.

Both me and my art are of a rebellious nature – we are activists when it comes to the inner world and wanting to evoke a sense of inner freedom in other people. But why is this so important for me? Am I taking a stand for or against something? I mean in a sense I’m doing both through my art, but what drives me to do that? What motivates me the most – to fight against a system of beliefs or to fight to introduce something new and liberating? I need to think about all this. I just love being challenged this way. It makes me grow – my favorite thing in life.

2 thoughts on “A rebel heart

  1. stevie says:

    its a good thought provoking question to rebel for or against something but all real creative people who have rebelled against the norm are very complexed with in themselves they create new worlds from the spoken word to art like yourself without the wings of rebellion there would be no creation………… Stevie………


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