The threatning suitcase


There it is. The reminder of the distance between us. We’ll be leaving for the airport early tomorrow morning. Every minute feels even more precious now than before.

2 thoughts on “The threatning suitcase

  1. stevie says:

    wow the time has gone so quick ………….it has been like a story watching you both over the last few weeks ……..walking in the rain, cars …the smiles and being truly naked with each other in mind body and soul ….but now the chapter is about to end and with the threatening suitcase as its title………. and so the words will go on…. and the love will still be strong ……until the next time when both hearts will beat as one……………bye for now little sister and johnny ………..Stevie


  2. miamakila79 says:

    What a lovely comment Stevie! Thank you for your kindness and your support, your comments always make me feel happy and you send out a lot of positive vibes and energy! It’s been a beautiful time with Johnny and I miss him already but it won’t be the last time he’ll come here and maybe I’ll save up some money to visit him as well. This is only the beginning of our story. Lots of hugs!


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