Radical openness

Sometimes I get these really sweet messages from strangers and people who appreciate both my art and writing that makes my whole heart glow of gratitude. People seem to respond to my candid nature and my genuine passion for sharing my innermost thoughts in order to connect with the world.


– female reader

We live in a time when our integrity is compromised by ego trips on social media or buried under social pressure of not being “good enough” as we are in our true nature. And we overcompensate with things that makes us feel better about ourselves but don’t mean that much. Making deeper connections is what matters, a chance to share ourselves and our life, love, happiness, our fears and the juicy parts of the mind and heart with other people is what we all hunger for. But for that to happen, it takes two things which are tied to each other; courage to be vulnerable. That’s when we can open up and start sharing ourselves with other people. And the sharing works like my reader described it as “medicine” – for both sides. Integrity is not about closing our hearts but protecting the beautiful energy we have to share with one another.

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