The unresolved

The night came with more darkness than I expected and I’m feeling slightly melancholic. Going through this process of acceptance is hard. I’m walking through a parade of things unresolved. Flaws. Shadowlands. My mind is trying to work it all out, by just accepting it, but it is not done without a great inner resistance. Like I’m hoping to find a solution for the unresolved at the last minute. But there is no point in trying. I have to accept that life leaves you with these unfinished symphonies at times.

The silence is not a waiting room anymore. Your hands look a bit like mine but I will never know how they will age with time. The years that we wasted will grow into a soundless void. My tears will dry and turn into a collection of dead pain. The blood moon will never rise again. I won’t have to write any more black letters. The truth won’t have to burn in three’s.

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