I woke up in the middle of the night from a nightmare and I could hardly breathe, but there was something wonderful about it. The dream somehow brought a sense of clarity to my mind. I took out a notebook and wrote down the message from the dream, then I called Johnny to tell him about my discovery (that’s the only good thing about having your boyfriend on the other side of the world and in a different time zone – that he’s awake and there for you if you wake up from a nightmare in the middle of the night). I know how to go about getting closure and acceptance when it comes to something very painful now. It’s not the first time I am saved by a nightmare.

I could finally see things as they really are, without adding any confusion to them. I feel grateful and it will be easier to let go of things I haven’t been able to let go of or accept before. That I’ve never been able to accept.

I have been way too busy making up excuses for other people’s bad behavior. The excuses make everything messy and confusing. The mind is a mighty place of magic and wonder. It tries to solve our problems while our bodies rest, and if we’re lucky we’ll be able to see clearly through the surreal stream of images and emotions in our dreams, and find keys to the locked doors in our minds.

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