The first morning


I woke up to the first real autumn morning of the year. The leaves on the trees outside my window had changed their colors over night. Even though my health is still poor, I feel better, less affected by the physical suffering somehow. It is the first morning in many ways.

I’m still fighting with the clinics to get the right treatment. I feel disappointed in our health care system – I’m just being tossed around by the clinics and different doctors. All this is stealing from my energy and focus, but it needs to be done. I’m not gonna stop fighting until my health is under control.

I can’t wait to get back to creating art again. It feels like it was forever, but it hasn’t been that long. In a way it’s been good to be without it, I’ve let my imagination rest for a while, the ideas are more clear, less cluttered with details in my mind. I know exactly where I am gong from here. I’ll let the autumn leaves carry me there.

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