1 year ago

I posted this video on September 27th last year. So much has happened since then, but letting go of something difficult was a far more complex process than I’d expected. I was just in the beginning of it when I made this video. I am still working on it, but I’ve come farther since then. What I was lacking then – was a total acceptance, a very important element in the process of letting go of something old and familiar but destructive. Otherwise whatever you are trying to let go of, will start to haunt you again at some point. And it did. What I accepted then was that it would come back to haunt me – I refused to accept the situation as it was without wanting to wait it out. I am not waiting anymore, I am letting it go. It is painful but liberating. Just as it should be to let go of something difficult. It is natural but it will pass. The result is an inner peace. It’s worth going through this hard process. It’s so worth it.

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