Good things

I have found a new inner strength, I can feel it. I just need to hold on to it no matter what, even if I fall, even when I fail and even when the hormone levels go up and down. I have so much to be happy about, much more than I have problems. I will make sure to remind myself of this every day.


A fan framed some older commissioned pieces I once made, they look great!

In 20 minutes Johnny will call me from California during his lunch break. He’s probably the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I might feel lonely here in my apartment but I’m not lonely in my heart. And I have creative projects  in the making in each category of my favorite artistic expressions; writing, digital art and painting. I’m taking care of my health. Trying to eat right. Exercise (well, sort of). Think in a positive way. I need to keep going. Because I’m finally back on the right track.

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