The good world


After my tumultuous weekend of painful inner processes and difficult confrontations, I feel deeply grateful for waking up to an email like this. To know that my art has touched the heart or mind of a young student somewhere in the world, makes me fight even harder to find my way back to my career and my creativity. My art really means something to many people. Even my writing makes a little difference in the world. I am on a lifelong mission to express what I have inside and sharing it with the world.

After weeks of unbearable pain and almost slipping into a depression, I’ve now found a stable place where I’m able to exhale and rest. For real this time. The dark days are over. I’ve made sure of that. My health is improving rapidly, because I’ve faced the hardest times of stress and anxiety with courage and strength, and now I’m putting it all behind me. I’m finally ready to accept and to let go of something that’s always been haunting me. Now, I don’t have anything negative in my life. I only have my own fear and issues to face, but everybody is fighting their fear. It is normal. Part of life. I’m now in a position where I am free of external darkness so I can focus on the light I create in the world, the light that defines my core.

Not only is my health improving, I’ve also found a great job coach who will take care of me and my health. We will start by reducing my inner stress and work on getting my self-esteem back. The rest will follow naturally as I’m gaining more and more strength and confidence. I feel so happy about this. The world is a good place if you look where the good things are. I need to hold on to this positive energy and leave all the pain behind.  It’s like the law of attraction – if you create positive energy in the world, that energy will find its way back to you. I so believe in that.

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