A beautiful process

I’ve done so much research about my health issues and I’ve found something really interesting, something called histamine intolerance. As soon as I’ll see the dermatologist, I’ll talk to them about it and make a blood test. But it’s a perfect match for all my symptoms – even my monthly hormonal imbalance. I feel both excited by this discovery but also a little worried because then I have to skip almost everything in my current diet. So I don’t know if I’m hoping to be diagnosed with histamine intolerance, but I just want the symptoms to go away and to feel better.

I’m still working hard on my process of independence – and I’ve liberated myself from behavioral patterns derived from old family dynamics, roles and masks I’ve used as protection and learned helplessness because of self-abandonment. At times, it feels like leaving home and everything I know behind, to search for new ways of thinking and being – something unfamiliar but wonderful. I wish everyone could go through this process. It is truly beautiful – almost like an out-of-body-experience where you’re looking back at who you used to be and studying that person like it’s a stranger and all you feel is self-compassion and acceptance whilst letting go.

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