The wall

I’ve been to the hospital to get an examination by a dermatologist – and it turned out that all my symptoms are stress related. I guess I haven’t quite understood just how stressed I’ve been lately. Good thing I’ve found some peace of mind through meditation and that I’m working with my art again,  it’s keeping me relaxed and grounded. But I still need to find more ways to unstress and release any tension. I’m going back to therapy to get more support, I’ve been through a lot since I last saw a therapist, and I’ve been dealing with difficult processes lately, perhaps I was trying to prove something to myself – that I could do this therapy work all by myself but I think my body has been trying to send me a message. Sometimes I need to ask for help but that’s not my strongest side. I guess that’s why I have to hit the wall before I understand that I need to ask for help. I need to remember that in the future.

But things will get better from now on. I am on my way and this time there will be no wall in sight.

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