From one world to another


Studying neuro linguistic programming

I feel inspired and really excited about 2017. I can’t wait to dig into the new year with all the new knowledge and awareness that this year provided me with. I’ve worked so hard and gone through some of the most painful processes, but I’m proud of myself and it’s been worth both the effort and all the pain.

Remember when I wrote about being stuck in my personal purgatory? I am definitely on the other side of it now, cleansed, changed and liberated. With the feeling of having closure, being self-empowered and practicing an open consciousness,  I am ready for whatever challenges next year will bring. This will be reflected in my art and writing as well.

This year, I’ve focused so much on my inner journey but  next year I’ll put my focus on more practical things – I’ll move away from the intellectual world of thinking, contemplating, analyzing, planning, and go toward the physical world of doing, being, making.

Doing things that are good for me. Being Mia and letting go of roles and masks. Making art because it’s fun, not because people expect it from me.

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