“Can’t you hear who you are?”



I met up with my job coach this week and we talked about my resources and qualities. After she’d established some of my best resources, she suddenly said: “…and you have the gift of rhetoric in your spinal cord”

“I have…umm…what do you mean?” I asked.
“I mean that you have the gift of talking, of expressing yourself. You are very articulate and that’s not something I come across every day. It’s a gift.”
“You see that in me? I don’t know, I guess I can’t see it , because this is just who I am, it’s natural to me.”
“Mia… can’t you HEAR who you are?”.

Her question surprised me, because I’ve never got that question before – but I felt intrigued to explore it. I need to listen and hear myself just as I am learning how to see myself. And some day soon, I will be able to hear myself the way she’s able to hear me.  I am slowly learning that I’m so much more than I’ve ever known myself to be.

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