I don’t belong to any genre. Period.

Saturday: doing some final touch-ups on my website at a café

I just finished the work on my new website and I feel really excited! It will be launched tomorrow and I’ll put a link here in the blog and on Facebook. I decided not to define my art with a style or art movement after all. I am Mia Makila and that is all that matters. My art is unique and I have many different sides and qualities and they don’t fit in a single -ism or genre. I am way too complicated as a person to have a static style or a defined set of aesthetics – I fluctuate between many styles and artistic expressions. I think I always will.

Christmas is just around the corner and yesterday I received a big package from the States – it was a Christmas gift from Johnny and it’s super heavy. I wonder what he sent. Can’t wait to find out.

I still have two artworks to finish – “The Wound” and “Homecoming”. I feel lucky to be me right now.

2 thoughts on “I don’t belong to any genre. Period.

  1. stevie says:

    yes i have to agree with you on that you are one of a kind like Madonna or Kate Bush ,David Bowie so you don’t fit into any genre you are Mia Makila a very special one of a kind don’t be anything else ……………lots of hugs from your cyber bro ,,,,,,,,,Stevie


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