The Y

I was watching Amy last night – the documentary about Amy Winehouse (which was both brilliant and sad), and her name inspired a chain reaction in my mind. I suddenly realized that I have a very intimate connection to names with an ‘y’ at the end. For example:

The name of my big high school crush was Conny.


Me, the first year in high school and the guy I crushed on.

When I was a teen, I had a diary that I called ‘Nelly’ and my favorite sitcom at the time was Laverne & Shirley.

I have two ex boyfriends with names that ends with an ‘y’: Jerry, Jimmy and my current boyfriend’s name is Johnny. 

My two best girlfriends’ names are Nancy and Jenny.

My favorite country is Germany.

My favorite TV character is Ally McBeal and one of my favorite movies is Bergman’s Fanny And Alexander.


"Fanny And Alexander" by Mia Makila, mixed media on paper, 2012

“Fanny And Alexander” by Mia Makila, mixed media on paper, 2012

And my favorite hobby is to ask the question ‘why?’ – that’s why I went to college to study history of ideas, because you get to ask ‘why?’ instead of ‘who, when, where?’ as regular historians ask. My mom has told me a lot of stories about how curious I was as a child, always asking ‘but why?’ or ‘why not?’. I’ve always loved to question things and never take them for granted.

– This is how curious I was as a child – I refused to lay on my back in the stroller – because I wanted to be able to visually explore the world.


I’m sure there’s a logic explanation to my little subconscious obsession with the letter ‘y’ – like “it’s all just a big coincidence”, but I like the idea that there’s more to find on a Freudian level. It’s all about asking the right question – like; Y?

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