The butterfly dance

Winter is about to hit my city with a lot of snow and ice – but I feel like I there’s nothing but spring inside me. There are butterflies dancing in my heart, sunshine in my mind and I’m feeling slightly aroused all the time (my favorite state of mind). I think this means that I’ve finally found an inner balance and harmony between the conflicting parts of my brain, that actually works. I am ready for this new year to challenge me – in a positive way of course.


My mind is filled with new ideas for future artworks – and it’s kind of ironic because I’ve strained or overworked the muscles in my wrist, so I can’t work very well right now. I think I might have hurt it while making the new website.

The new ideas for my digital art really excites me. Instead of the floating house, I am now focused on the room. I am not chasing a home anymore – I am home. There’s a clear mythology to my work and I use a lot of recurring symbols, now is the time to collect them all into one collection of works.

Floating houses:

This is a great phase of my trauma recovery process – I’m slowly breaking out of my cocoon before I will fly out in the real world. Before I get to be wild and free, just like the butterflies I keep inside my heart.

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