Slowing down

I have been feeling so tired lately. My body is still fighting the flu from new years, but there’s more to it than that. I’m pushing myself pretty hard right now, trying to break through different barriers and to overcome annoying obstacles. Perhaps I need to slow down. Good thing I have another session of therapy today, it gives me an excuse to slow down and look at where I am right now instead of where I wish to go next.

At the last session “Patience” was the keyword and my therapist told me to write the word down in big letters on a piece of paper to keep on my refrigerator door. It is still not natural to me to slow down and just be patient. My natural state is to work hard for the things I want. “Yes, but you have to be patient to be able to get the things you need.” she said. Wisely.

The shift from the old year to the new excited me and I guess I’m just eager to start doing all the things I told myself I would do in 2017. But it’s hasn’t even been a week yet, I’ve got plenty of time to achieve all my goals – one by one.

 Patience, Mia, patience.

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