Live. Love. Create.


I feel complete. I think all I need is spiritual freedom (meaning not being in any destructive relationship or situation), love and to make art. That’s pretty much it. The recipe to my happiness – Live. Love. Create.

However the histamine intolerance is still making my life difficult. Yesterday I had a shrimp sandwich and now I have hay fever and muscle ache. And I can’t have anything with caffeine or artificial sugar in it, or I’ll get a migraine.


Work in progress “Babayaga” – the next collaboration piece with Candice Angelini’s mask (with the same name)

I have so many new ideas. I don’t know how to get them all out of me until they start to fade away. But I need some days to rest now. I have been working so hard lately. Even the fun times can be exhausting. But I’d rather live, love and create – and then crash, instead of what I used to do;  Cry. Suffer. Avoid.

Yeah, I am in a good place.

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