This is what CHANGE looks like


This is what it looks like when you are in the progress of to changing and building a new life for yourself after years of struggling with PTSD and depressions: making research about how anxiety works so I can deal with it, making research about self esteem, mindfulness, making self-therapy notes about what I need to change – attitudes, strategies, plans, motivation, a practical plan to reach my goals and the strategies that will lead me to future success, keeping a journal just for things that I am grateful for and things that are good about me to boost my self esteem, dissecting my fears so I can get rid of them to be able to reach my dreams and desires, redefining what my art means to me and how I want to use my creativity from now on. This is what it looks like when you take back control of your life!

4 thoughts on “This is what CHANGE looks like

  1. mindfulaide says:

    Great work! It is very hard when you are dealing with these things. Try to find a program that you can join. I just finished a 3 month CBT course and it has helped me more in the past 3 months than anything else in the last 7 years since the kidnapping I suffered. You’re not alone in this, lots of people go through PTSD from assault. ❤


    • miamakila79 says:

      Thank you! ❤ I was in therapy for 5 years, it really saved my life, but I'm gonna keep working on my issues by myself from now on, I feel like I am on the right path… and most of the PTSD symptoms are gone (except for some trust issues and general anxiety disorder), I hope you will find your way out of the pain that your trauma brought into your life (and mind, and heart). Much love and strength to you! ❤

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      • mindfulaide says:

        Yes, I’m at the same point now myself! I am working on it on my own. We should Follow each other for support to stay in touch. With time we will both be whole again 🙂

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