The stories behind my art: “Dreamgirl”


“Dreamgirl” by Mia Makila, 2012 (digital mixed media)

I created the digital piece “Dreamgirl” in 2012, 3 years after I took the photograph of my muse Domenique that I used as a base for the digital artwork.

The photo session with Domenique was inspired by “The Last Sitting” – by Bert Stern where he snapped the last pictures of Marilyn Monroe before they were featured in Vogue the same year she died.


From “The Last Sitting” photo session by Bert Stern (1962) where Marilyn Monroe where posing officially for the last time in her life.

My original photograph of Domenique that I used for “Dreamgirl”:


My original photo of my muse Domenique, posing as Marilyn, inspired by Stern’s pictures.

I also made two other versions of “Dreamgirl” by painting and adding new details and textures to the original fine art print:

IMG_7770 IMG_7774

Outtakes from my Marilyn photo session with Domenique: DSC_0135sssmarilyn14DSC_0219aaasmarilyn31DSC_0339

10 thoughts on “The stories behind my art: “Dreamgirl”

  1. stevie says:

    Domenique has that certain look that draws you in and with your art it is magnified to a new level you compliment each other beautifully love it you have caught something even in the outtakes Stevie


  2. miamakila79 says:

    thank you, and yes, she had something amazing, unfortunately, drugs and personal issues on her side took away our chance to continue our photographic collaboration, She was a chameleon, she could be anyone on camera, but her soul would always shine through. It was magical to capture.


  3. stevie says:

    Drugs takes away some of the best people and their best qualities but the soul always as you say shines though its in there eyes who they once where that glimmer of light its a pity Stevie


  4. stevie says:

    me too i did smoke but give up about 14 years ago habit from being a kid and i got bored with drink anyway i have more fun just being me ha Stevie


  5. miamakila79 says:

    i never go to parties where there’s alcohol.. I am ALL about making a connection with people.. the deeper the connection the more I feel comfortable, when someone – or if I would be drunk, there’s already a disconnection there, I don’t feel comfortable…my ex boyfriend who i left last year, he was disconnected all the time, i mean sober or drunk, and I lived with him for 5 years… I felt so lonely.. so I am very sensitive when it comes to disconnections now.


  6. stevie says:

    yes its funny how you can live with someone but you never really no them one of my exes i used to say joking stay with me i want to be alone ha ha but we grew apart and moved on maybe its better that way after the love has gone Stevie


  7. miamakila79 says:

    Yes why hold on to a souvenir of love instead of finding a love that is alive – to yourself, to a passion or to a new person.

    Recently I told myself I never wanted to fall in love ever again after having three broken hearts last year, including a very destructive love affair with a married man on the other side of the world, but love found me this time and I couldn’t do anything but surrender..


  8. stevie says:

    good I’m happy for you and your new love its a strange feeling love its very positive or very negative and it comes in lots of different forms but to say it and too feel it is two different things do you think true love is a feeling from your soul Stevie

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